The 2007 Nigerian Dredging Summit is being put together by Acorn Media Services Ltd (publishers of Dredge, Dill and Haul) in collaboration with a conglomerate of dredging, finance and banking companies from the USA. It promises to be Nigeria’s most orchestrated gathering of international stakeholders and operators of the dredging industry in Nigeria so far.

The American companies include Dredging Supply Company from Reserve, Louisiana and Elicott Dredges of Baltimore, leading manufacturers of various categories of rugged portable dredges in the USA. Also in the roll call of exhibitors are Pioneer Equipment, and Dredgemasters International. Other stakeholders in this event include M & T Bank of Maryland, USA, described as the most highly regarded of regional banks in America. M & T Bank was founded more than 150 years ago with a parent company whose worth is over $57 billion in assets as of December 31, 2006. It is one of the 20 largest commercial bank holding companies in the U.S.A with more than 650 branches. The bank now features prominently in EXIM Bank financing for Africa.

The third major affiliate in the dredge summit is Kofa International Co. Inc whose syndication of loan facilities for African businesses in collaboration with M & T Bank has led to much recognition by the US Government. In fact, a USD400m package of EXIM Bank and other loan programmes for export-oriented businesses out of the USA to Africa now exists and is accessible to interested reputable businesses. This package is one of the highlights of presentations Kofa International shall be presenting at the November summit.

In deed, the delegates of these US firms to the November summit shall be presenting some of the star lectures of the seminar aspect of the event. They include Charles A. Sinunu, DSC’s International Sales Director (Topic: Matching the Dredger to the Job: Choosing Appropriate Dredgers for the Nigerian Industry and Environment); Ben Akuette, Regional Manager for Sub-Sahara Africa, M & T Bank (Topic: Financing for Dredge and Dredge Equipment Purchases from the USA using EXIM Bank Loans); Dada Ganiyu, President, Kofa International Inc. (Topic: Available Finance Options in the $400m Africa Region Component of US Funding for Export Trade and How to Access them.). Ellicott Dredges shall also be making a presentation at this highly important exhibition and seminar.

Other lecture presenters include Billy Ashogbon, Executive Vice Chairman, Starlink Nigeria Ltd (Topic: Why Nigerian Loan Applications for Dredge Purchases Fail and Remedies); Ben Efekarurhobo, Managing Director, Vernon Engineering Services Ltd (Topic: Operating in the Niger Delta: Imperative Safety Measures for Hitchfree Operations). Prof. Akintonwa Alade, managing director of Toxicology Researvh Laboratories and a pioneer of eco-dredging in Nigeria shall be delivering a lecture on the “Inception of Eco-Dredging and Remediation in Nigeria: aspects of the emerging b business.” Participating Nigerian banks will also be given a chance to deliver presentations according to their chosen levels of endorsement for the event.

The essence of the gathering is to advance the profile of dredging and dredge financing activities in Nigeria, to take it to a higher level as the foreign managers of EXIM and other US loan programmes interact with dredge owners and operators and dialogue from the perspective of new knowledge and information. DSC and Ellicott Dredges will inform the gathering of the latest in dredging technology and operating efficiency. It will also be an opportunity for banks to deepen their grasp and knowledge of the basics and intricacies of the dredging issues and situations. The lecture by Nigerian operators will inform the audience about hard-won experience of the Nigerian dredging environment, especially by starters.

Certificates of Attendance or Sponsorship (as the case may be) shall be issued after the event to serve as a symbol of international friendly business cooperation; and a tribute to further learning and continuous training in the dredging sector.

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