Have you moved your office or dredging/mining site recently and want your customers to be able to find you?

This page shall soon be developed into a database for industry -wide information. This is an essential service for the dredging and mining sector operators conceived to ensure continuing contact within the sub-sector..

You can use this new service to place your new addresses and contact details as a database which can be accessed by reputable operators and stakeholders who are registered with us and known to us.

If they log onto our website and key in their login numbers, issued by us, they can access your new addresses until such a time you may require us to remove the information from the page.

This way your contact details will be reasonably protected in the hands of only genuine serious dredging and mining operators for as long as you want it reflected and open to our web visitors..

The service shall attract only a token fee of N5,000.00 per quarter.

If interested, please contact us by email for details of this service: editor@ddhmag.com.



3rd Quarter 2008


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