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International Dredging Briefs.


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ASCON, Badagry Lagos Nigeria.
September 13-15, 2013.

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International Dredging Briefs

US Bill introduced regarding discharge of dredged material
Bryant's Maritime News, which is produced by Bryant's Maritime Consulting, reports that US Senator Manchin (D-WV) has introduced a bill (S. 830) to amend the Federal Water Pollution Control Act to clarify and confirm the authority of the Environmental Protection Agency to deny or restrict the use of defined areas as disposal sites for the discharge of dredged or fill material. The newsletter said the official text of the bill is not yet available.

Sri Lankan harbour dredged by DCI
Lanka Business Online reports that Dredging Corporation of India (DCI) has dredged Sri Lanka's Kankasanthurai Habhour in the northern Jaffna peninsular, in a two week operation.
India's High Commission in Colombo said a trailing suction hopper dredger arrived at KKS Harbour on April 19 and had completed the task by May 03 under a US$2.05 million grant aid project as part of a US$25 million project to rehabilitate the port.
Sri Lanka Ports Authority will now rehabilitate the port's breakwater, build a new pier and carry out a final hydrographic survey at the harbour.

Huta Marine cutter suction dredger sees 500th sale of MAN 48/60 engine
MAN Diesel & Turbo has announced the 500th sale of its MAN 48/60 medium-speed engine.
The milestone was reached with the order of two common-rail variants of the engine by Huta Marine of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia as part of a diesel-electric system to power a self-propelled cutter suction dredger.
Huta Marine is a specialist in marine infrastructure and its fleet ranks among the largest in the Middle East. The dredger will be built in the Netherlands by a shipyard belonging to the IHC Merwede Group, the global market leader for dredging, mining and other custom-built vessels.
Based on the 48/60 workhorse, the 48/60 engine was introduced in 2003 in both L- and V- versions. Over its working history, it has proved itself a valuable, sturdy workhorse and all-round performer over a broad range of applications.
The 48/60 medium-speed engine is based on the successful 48/60 series first launched in 1989. The B variant represented a major redevelopment of the concept characterised by increased output, reduced engine weight/width, and an optimised combustion that reduced both exhaust emissions and fuel consumption.
The 48/60 has been continuously developed ever since, notably including an upgrade to common-rail fuel injection in 2008 and full Tier II compliance in 2011, and more recently featuring a redesign of its cylinder head where a higher fuel injection pressure resulted in improved atomisation and better combustion, ultimately reducing both fuel consumption and emission levels.

Germany: dredging the Elbe "poses severe environmental risk"
Der Spiegel newspaper in Germany reports that a Dutch study could put a stop to an already controversial project to deepen the Elbe River.
The newspaper said the study warns that if dredging continues, the damage to the river's ecosystem would likely be irreparable.
Der Spiegel said a study commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment "means more bad news for proponents of the suspended plan to deepen of the Elbe River."
Entitled "On the response of tidal rivers to deepening and narrowing," the study notes "the existence of a tipping point, beyond which a tidal river evolves more or less autonomously to a hyper-turbid state." This state would mean irreparable damage to the fish and animal populations.
The report concludes that the Elbe is on the verge of such a "tipping point" and is "very sensitive to small changes," like deepening or narrowing.
"The study could deal the final blow to the dredging project," said Der Spiegel.
In October 2012, authorities halted the €400 million (US$520 million) project to deepen the Elbe River approaching Hamburg to accommodate vessels that require a depth of 14.5m (48ft) or more.
However, two environmental organizations - Friends of the Earth Germany (BUND) and the Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) - with the support of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), managed to obtain a temporary injunction from the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig.
The judge prevented the start of the dredging project, in part because of a risk of "upsetting the ecosystem" in the Elbe estuary.
As Der Spiegel noted, a bitter feud consequently broke out. Politicians, shipping and port companies and even the trade union Verdi, which represents the dockworkers, criticized the environmental organizations. They worry that failing to deepen the Elbe could jeopardize the harbor's competitiveness as a job creator and economic engine.
In that region of northern Germany alone, some 150,000 jobs are tied to the harbor. It also generates almost 15 percent of Hamburg's net product and more than €700 million in taxes annually.
According to the newspaper, the report "may crush any last hope of finding a way to deepen the river."

Indonesia: slow progress with dredging blamed for floods

The Jakarta Globe reports that the Jakarta administration has blamed the floods last week that inundated seven wards on the slow progress in dredging and widening the city’s constricted rivers.
Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, the deputy governor, said if the dredging programme had been working as intended, then the rivers would have been able to channel away the excess rainwater and not spill over, as it did.
“It’s taking a long time for us to get all the dredging equipment that we need because we have to rent it from outside parties,” he said.
“That’s why we’ve now ordered the city public works office to go out and buy our own. They’ll hold a tender for it soon.”
Basuki said that in addition to dredging and widening the rivers to improve water flow, the city administration would also clean out the network of sewers and gutters throughout Jakarta.
“The sewers are all clogged up, so some areas get flooded really quickly during rains. Our sewer network is in very bad condition.
Almost all of it was built more than 15 years ago and has never been cleaned since then,” he said.
Nearly a thousand homes in seven wards in East Jakarta were inundated following rains that caused the Ciliwung and the Cipinang rivers to spill over.

Holland Shipbuilding Association Appoints Peter Zoeteman

Peter Zoeteman, 52, has been appointed as the new General Director of the Holland Shipbuilding Association by 1 May. With a long and broad career in the maritime business sector, Zoeteman is well positioned for this job. He was member of the board of the association until 2012. He will succeed Mieke Bakker-Mantjes, who acted as General Director from September 2011 to April 2013.

Van Oord's new cutter suction dredger delivered
Van Oord’s latest addition to its fleet – the self-propelled cutter suction dredger Artemis – has been delivered to the company. The new dredger's first job will see it depart for western France for a contract with the Grand Port Maritime de la Rochelle.
Here, Artemis will be deepening the harbour basin and dredging a trench in the access channel to the harbour. Approximately 500,000 cubic metres of very hard rock and clay will be dredged. Artemis was built especially for dredging work on hard ground.
Pieter van Oord, the company's CEO, said: "Our investment in two self-propelled cutter suction dredgers and two large backhoe dredgers has significantly bolstered our position on the dredging market. This is in line with our strategy to have a very strong position in all segments of the dredging market."
Van Oord describes Artemis as "a robust ship and strong ship." It highlighted the dredgers's hydraulically buffered spud carriage, which will permit it to continue to work even in poor weather conditions.


The State of Nigerian Dredges: A New Dredge Repair Yard.

Many dredges being offered by dredge owners for contracts in the Nigerian industry right now are far from healthy. There are stories of dredges being paid for and on mobilization to site, they begin to manifest serious problems of disrepair. For many days or weeks or months, the client cannot have his milestones met because the dredge is down while efforts are being made to buy spare parts or to bring experienced mechanics to perform needed repairs.
Describing this ugly situation, Sir Isaac Chuks, CEO of Funq Tai Engineering Company, summed it up that many “Nigerian dredges work for two hours and spoil for five hours”. Read more.

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