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For various accounts of the recently concluded 4th Nigerian Dredging Summit and Exibitions at Calabar, see the following reports:
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River Niger Dredging unsupervised by NIWA Board.

The current efforts by the federal government to dredge the River Niger from Warri to Baro is beginning to enter the controversial stages of such high-profile projects in Nigeria. Already the former minister of transport stated before the dissolution of the cabinet by Acting President Goodluck Jonathan that the dredging project is 60% complete. But speaking at a meeting with the South-South Parliamentary Caucus of the House of Representatives, according to a Punch story published on March 25 2010, the managing director of NIWA, was quoted as saying that around 50% of the dredging works had been completed and that barges and ships weighing 3,000 metric tonnes could now travel smoothly on the water. Read More...

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Engr Muyiwa Omasebi: The face-off Between NIWA, MMSD and Lagos State Govt.

Otunba K Folarin: The Collapse of Nig. shipping lines.

P.L. Carrodano: How govt can revive Nig. shipping lines.

Sam Epia: The struggles of Nig shipping lines with cargo reservation scheme.

Jeff Gibb: Intricacies of the equipment market in Nigeria.

Environmental Quality Monitoring.

Environment: "How many choppers has DPR got?" - Chief Ogunsiji.

Dredging the Niger Delta: Interview of Ben Efekarurhobo

Role of Surveying in the Dredging Industry

G.B Liman: Of Myth, Reality and Resource Control

Dredging Law: A judgment on the ownership of a sand dredging site by the Court of Appeal.

Dredging Law:
a. Lagos State Attorney General Interpretes state law on sand dredging and stockpile.

b. NIWA public notice on Lagos State intervention in inland waterways regulation.


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The future of dredging

The US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) in association with the Western Dredging Association is organizing three to four special sessions at the Annual 2011 WEDA31/TAMU42 Annual Western Hemisphere Dredging Conference and Trade show that will take place at the Opryland Gaylord Resort in Nashville, TN, on June 5-8, 2011. 

The sessions will cover a range of topics addressing the "future of dredging," i.e.,

a. What are our future requirements?

b. How might the US dredging fleet need to change in the next 20 years?

c. What are our significant technical challenges? To name a few Issues that could be addressed include:

1. Will climate change drive a need to increase dredge plant fuel efficiency and reduce emissions?

2. Will increased trade and increased vessel sizes impact fleet size, makeup and dredging volumes?

3. What will a probable increase in the need to use dredged material beneficially require in dredge fleet capabilities?

4. How might operational constraints influence dredging and   placement?

5. Are there lessons from the recent berm creation following the oil spill in the Gulf that can be used to guide future dredging fleet capabilities? and last,

6. How might dredging contracting options be improved in the future?

Two or three technical sessions are planned with a following panel discussion composed of government and industry leaders. 

Presenters will include Dredging Specialist from government, industry, academia and international agencies and organizations.

Additional details on the “Future of Dredging” discussion being held at the Annual Western Hemisphere/Texas A & M Conference will be provided through WEDA announcements and updates. Technical presentation will be expected to meet current WEDA31/TAMU42 requirements for paper length, submittal dates, etc., that are described in the WEDA/TAMU Second Call for papers.

If you wish to participate in the “Future of Dredging Discussion” or have questions, please contact Jim Clausner, (904) 825-0105, or at

James Clausner, PE
Rehired Annuitant
US Army Engineer Research and Development Ctr
Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory
416 Twin Lakes Dr
Saint Augustine, FL  32084
v-904-825-0105, fax, same


Pictures of Past Dredging Summits

2009 Summit

2007 Summit

Upcoming Events

Nigerian Dredging Summit 2011.

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