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Comprising 20-inch DAMEN dredger (3 year-old), 18-inch DAMEN dredger, 1 Minicat, 1 Multicat, 2 kilometeres of pipeline, 2 containers of equipment and spares such as hoses, floaters and ancillary gears.

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Sequel to dollar squeeze, import substitution:
Geepee Industries Plan HDPE Pipes, Floaters Made in Nigeria.

All is now set for Geepee Industries Ltd to commence the revolutionary production of HDPE pipes, floaters and other plastic items for dredging operations in Nigeria. The pipes which are indispensable for dredging and drainage operations have never been produced in-country. The new development will save Nigeria’s struggling economy hard-earned foreign exchange and ease the financial burden of dredger operators who use tons of the equipment annually in their sand mining activities. With the high scope of dredging activities in Nigeria, especially in Lagos and the Niger Delta, the usage of HDPE pipes and floaters is inescapably very high as the feed stock that transports sand and slurry materials from the dredger to the sand field, sometimes two or three kilometres away. Read More...

Exclusive interview of Mr. N. Kumar, Group Executive Director, Geepee Industries Ltd on the plan to produce HDPE pipes and floaters in Nigeria.

As the Group Executive Director, he oversees administration, production and marketing as well as other critical assignments for such a leading company in the economy of Nigeria. In this interview, he narrates the active history of the company in Nigeria, the bouquet of 250 plastic products by the company and the pace of introduction of new products into the market, such as an ongoing project to begin the production of direly needed HDPE pipes, floaters and other dredging accessories in their Nigerian factories. Read More...

The Abeokuta Sand Market

The scenic beauty of Abeokuta is complimented by a rugged sand market which is being enlarged by spillover demand from the Lagos market. The major source of the sand is the Ogun River which snakes for miles through the contours of the old city. In comparison to the neighbouring Lagos sand market, the one in Abeokuta is medium-sized. The Egbas, through time, have been sand miners because of the geological morphology of their terrain. The sharp sand from Ogun state is generally coarser than the variant that is mined in neighbouring Lagos, whether from river or land burrow pits. Read More.

"...if you go to a place like Ughelli, these dredgers are pre-fabricated and kept on the roadside for sale. As we speak, they are fabricating 8-inch and 10-inch pumps..." - Kunle Shodipe.

Mr Kunle Shodipe is one of the notable dredging operators in Nigeria with an enviable bank of experience spanning over twenty years. Currently working as the dredging manager of Shiroko Mining Company, Abeokuta, he is keenly sought after by many dredging companies for advice and consultancy on dredging and sand mining issues. In this interview, he dissects the Abeokuta sand market and compares the growing industry to the larger Lagos market. Read More...

Why Lagos Governor Banned Sand Mining in the State.

Was the recent ban on sand mining throughout Lagos State triggered by a violent clash of rival cult gangs at Ebute Ilaje in Bariga in late January this year, as some national dailies reported? At a one-day stakeholders meeting organized by the Lagos State Ministry of Waterfront and Infrastructure Development (MWID), the ministry engaged the services of an environment expert, Dr. Reginah Folorunsho, from the Nigerian Institute of Oceanography and Marine Researcher, to demonstrate the delicate nature of the state’s aquatic ecosystem. According to new guidelines on dredging activities in the state, sand mining is still banned in some Lagos communities...Read More.

Lagos Ministry of Waterfront Issues Guidelines for Dredging Activities in 2016

The Lagos State Ministry of Waterfront Infrastructure Development (MWID) has issued the following guidelines to be observed by all operators in the relevant sectors and subsectors. Read More...

DESOPADEC Dredger: The rot amid sinking Itsekiri towns, as politicians battle over equipment.

Hundreds of Itsekiri communities from Koko, Obaghoro, Ijaghalla, Ogidigben, Ajudaibo, Usele, Deghele and others were at the mercy of coastal erosion and vanishing shoreline. The acquisition of a dredger by DESOPADEC was expected to resettle thousands of members of the ethnic groups who fled their homes in the aftermath of the Ijaw/Itsekiri crisis. Read More...

Calabar Port, Despite Constraints, Now Beckons.
One may ask why the Calabar channel is seemingly dogged by protracted high-cost capital dredging campaigns instead of the normal downgrade to the cheaper maintenance mode after the first round of capital dredging? The origin of the problem lies with the geographical morphology of the Calabar River itself. According to experts, the catchment arc of the river falls within the heavy rainfall forest region, which records as much as 10 months of rainfall per annum, thereby causing much leaching and erosion on the surrounding land. The run-off water reaches the Calabar River with lots of materials carried into it by tributaries such as Cross River, Great and Little Kwa River and the Mbo River. Again, one may ask how the Cross River State government can tap into the future potential expansion of the Calabar port system? Firstly, it must be noted that recent unverified political statements that the state government has obtained a Euro500 million fund to use in re-developing the port as a deep sea port flies in the face of the reality on the ground, administratively and in terms of commercial viability and profitability. Read more.

Habib’s Two-Year Scorecard: River Port Dredging, Deep-sea Ports and The Promise of NPA’s 25-Year Development Master Plan.
When Nigeria's economy was rebased in 2013, she became the largest market in Africa with the biggest GDP of N80.22 trillion (about $510 billion). As an import dependent nation, the effect of this expanding market was reflected by increased throughput at her seaports where 76.9 million tonnes of cargoes were handled in 2013. However, for the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), the significance of the market expansion is that without sufficient draught at the approach channels and the berths, half of the shipping tonnage (5,185 vessels) that called at the regular Nigerian ports in 2013 and the busy traffic at the crude oil loading terminals would not have made it. Read more.

"Transformation Agenda should be extended to the Shipping and Port Industry" - Musa Danjuma.
Chief Musa Danjuma does not need introduction. As the younger brother of retired General T. Y. Danjuma, he was entrusted with supervising the growth and expansion of the first family heirlooms - the Comet Group of Companies. In this interview, he speaks of business prospects and worries in Africa's largest economy. Pointedly however, he laments the decay in infrastructure and amenities which clogs the wheels of portland-to-hinterland flow of cargoes and therefore makes the case for a special transport master plan for Nigeria's busy port cities. Read more.

Nigerian Dredging Activities in Perspective - A Feature Article by Engr. Emma Ibeh.
With the recent revolution in the indigenous dredging industry and the associated mass exodus, recent survey has shown that many firms and investors have entered the industry with little or no requisite knowledge and expertise. This has led to heavy loss in terms of finance, capital, man hours and reputation. To reduce this growing disturbing trend and to prepare and empower dredging professionals and new entrepreneurs who intend to invest into dredging as an investment stream, a discourse of this nature is being written to cater for issues associated with handling and managing dredging projects. Read more.

How the Niger Delta Crisis Spawns Pirate Attacks on the Waterways
Pirate attacks along Nigeria’s waterways is complicated by partisan politics and almost an uphill task to checkmate because of Nigeria’s current fixation with north-south dichotomy and ethnic preferences. In a related development, the four largest container carriers, Maersk, CMA CGM, MSC and Hamburg Sud have snubbed the governments of West Africa in their latest combined statement on anti-piracy efforts by international jurisdictions. Read more.

O T Africa Line, Dr Asoma Banda: The Story…

Alhaji Dr. Asoma Banda is the undisputed doyen of African shipping. By the way he managed the acquisition of O T Africa Line (OTAL) in 1985 and subsequently sold it to the Bollore Group in the 1990s just before a crunch, he proved his mettle, made a lot of money and a reputation that is hard to put down. At the end of the day, he ate his cake and still has it, for he remains the chairman of OTAL. Read more.

International Dredging Briefs

Van Oord wins contracts worth €100 million in Brazil and the Bahamas
Van Oord has won two orders in Brazil and the Bahamas. The Brazilian project involves dredging work for the construction of a new shipyard in Aracruz, Brazil. The client is Estaleiro Jurong Aracruz (EJA), a Brazilian subsidiary of Sembcorp Marine’s Jurong Shipyard from Singapore. Read more.


The New Cat D6K2 Track-Type Tractor

The new Cat D6K2 Track-Type Tractor delivers superior finish grading performance and improved fuel efficiency. The new Stable Blade Control feature utilizes technology that complements operator blade control input to achieve finish grades faster and with less operator effort. Read more.


Venue: Beverly Hills Hotel, Port Harcourt.
River State.

Date: October 14-16, 2015.

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How will the Dredging Industry fare during the Economic Downturn?

The dominant trend in today’s world is the global economic challenges of tumbling crude oil prices. For mono-crop economies such as Nigeria, the prescription seems to be unanimous that agriculture and the solid mineral sector offer the best promises for diversification. However, how will the dredging industry fare under such uncertain scenarios?
There is no gainsaying the fact that some trends of economic growth and expansion arising from population explosion will continue to benefit states like Lagos and neighbouring Ogun state, because of the former’s status as a megacity and the biggest maritime gateway for Nigeria. The latter is a beneficiary of the spillover effect of the enlargement of the Lagos megalopolis. Other centres of certain demographic growth include the port cities of the south-south and the old metropolises of Northern Nigeria such as Kano, Kaduna and Jos.
Whereas the enlargement of the urban boundaries of the northern cities can go on without dredging activities, the development of residential, commercial and industrial spaces in the southern metropolises would require increasing proportions of dredging activities. The most dominant in this category is land reclamation from unstable topographies or outright marine ecosystems and mangrove forests.
In Lagos, for example, aside from countless small reclamation projects all over the state, major land reclamation projects can be seen in the development of the Lekki Free Trade Zone Area and the Badagry Deep Water port whose combined acreages run into the thousands. Also, island cities reclaimed from the sea or the lagoon appear to be catching on as a fad. Aside from the successful reclamation of not less than 1.5km from the Atlantic Ocean at the Bar Beach and the Kuramo Waters as the ground for Eko Atlantic City, another 200-hectare island city called Imperial International Business City (IIBC) is being projected by the Ikate Elegushi kingdom to commence development in April this year.
Thus, human settlement and industrial productivity infrastructure are the main drivers of dredging activities in the southern metropolises of Nigeria as we settle into the second decade of the new millennium. The UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA), projects the current world population of 7.3 billion to reach 9.7 billion by 2050. By the same projection, Nigeria’s population will rise to 397 million by 2050, the fourth largest country in the world. By all indications, the current trend of dredging activities will deliver the resources needed for human and industrial accommodation now and in the near future.
Similarly, dredging services will continue to serve the long term needs of marine and shipping activities which supports international trade of Nigeria as the largest economy in Africa. Thus, although current economic outlook may be dim due to falling oil prices, the future appear to be invariably full of prospects for the dredging industry in Nigeria.

Other Articles & Interviews:

Mr Pier Luigi Carrodano on his work with Gen. T Y Danjuma's companies and the Chinese sea trade with Nigeria...NEW

Engr Akin Olaniyan on need for NIMASA to return to original mandate and harnessing cabotage trade...NEW

Dr. Wilson Odafe Omene on Niger Delta politics, amnesty programme, Nigerian maritime and local govt, etc....NEW

Capt Adeyemo on River Niger Dredging...

Prof P.C. Nwilo on his assessment of NIWA during sabbatical ...

Mr Nseyeng Ebong on his 8-year tenure as rector of Maritime Academy of Nigeria Oron...

Chief Dumo Lulu Briggs as chairman of Maritime Academy of Nigeria Oron, his vision...

Engr Muyiwa Omasebi: The face-off Between NIWA, MMSD and Lagos State Govt.

Otunba K Folarin: The Collapse of Nig. shipping lines.

P.L. Carrodano: How govt can revive Nig. shipping lines.

Sam Epia: The struggles of Nig shipping lines with cargo reservation scheme.

Jeff Gibb: Intricacies of the equipment market in Nigeria.

Environmental Quality Monitoring.

Environment: "How many choppers has DPR got?" - Chief Ogunsiji.

Dredging the Niger Delta: Interview of Ben Efekarurhobo

Role of Surveying in the Dredging Industry

G.B Liman: Of Myth, Reality and Resource Control

Dredging Law: A judgment on the ownership of a sand dredging site by the Court of Appeal.

Dredging Law:
a. Lagos State Attorney General Interpretes state law on sand dredging and stockpile.

b. NIWA public notice on Lagos State intervention in inland waterways regulation.

c. An Extract Of The Law To Provide For The Regulation Of Waterfront Infrastructure Development In Lagos State.



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