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Guidelines for Dredging Activities in Lagos State 2016.


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Comprising 20-inch DAMEN dredger (3 year-old), 18-inch DAMEN dredger, 1 Minicat, 1 Multicat, 2 kilometeres of pipeline, 2 containers of equipment and spares such as hoses, floaters and ancillary gears.

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Lagos Ministry of Waterfront Issues Guidelines for Dredging Activities in 2016

The Lagos State Ministry of Waterfront Infrastructure Development (MWID) has issued the following guidelines to be observed by all operators in the relevant sectors and subsectors.

Guidelines for the Registration of Revenue Monitors.
1. Payment (N5,000.00), collection and submission of Application Form.
2. Copy of Certificate of Incorporation and Memorandum of Association or Registration of Business Name Certificate.
3. Copy of LASRRA registration slips of the Company's Directors.
4. Tax clearance certificate or evidence of payment of tax.
5. Payment of administrative charge (N10,000.00) on issuance of Appointment Letter. Then subsequent payment of (N5,000.00) annually.

Scope of Work for Revenue Monitors.
• Bi-monthly submission of records of sand sales at the stockpiling site attached to.
• Company should ensure that the Record sheet is duly signed everyday at the close of work by the dredging company before submitting it to the office.
• Daily records should reflect total quantity of sand sold in cubic metres (m3), at the rate of N75 (seventyfive Naira) per cubic metre (m3).
• Adequate cooperation with inspection officers from the Ministry is mandatory.
• Any problem encountered with the stockpiling company should be reported to the office on time.

Requirements for the Registration of Dredgers

Category A (Dredge Machine Operators Only)
Application letter to the Honorable Commissioner, MWID:
1. Payment of application form fee (N50,000.00) in certified Bank Draft to Lagos State Government, collection and submission of completed application form.
2. Certificate of Incorporation / Article of Association.
3. Copy of Current Three years Tax Clearance Certificate (2 Directors).
4. State Security Clearance Certificate of two Directors of the Company.
5. LASRRA registration slip of dredging staff in company's employment.
6. Detailed Technical Specifications (data) of the Dredging Machine.
7. Details of Technical Competence of personnel.

Consent fees:
• Hopper Dredger N10m
• Cutter Suction Dredge (24"-30") N10m
• Cutter Suction Dredge (17"-23") N3m
• Cutter Suction Dredge (10"-16") N1.5m

Category B (Sand Stockpilers and Sellers Only)
1. Application in company's letter-headed paper addressed to the Honorable Commissioner (MWID).
2. Payment of application form fee (N50,000.00) in certified Bank Draft to Lagos State Government, collection and submission of completed application form.
3. Copy of Current Three years Tax Clearance Certificate (2 Directors).
4. Certificate of Incorporation / Article of Association.
5. Perimeter survey of the proposed Stockpiling site.
6. Detailed directional sketch of proposed stockpiling site.
7. Provision of the Environmental Impact Assessment (E.I.A) Report of proposed project.
8. Submission of E.I.A Approval from State Ministry of Environment.
9. Provision of the Hydrographic and Bathymetric Surveys of the proposed burrow pit circumference.
10. Provision of a Recent Sand Search Report.
11. LASRRA registration slip of dredging staff in company's employment.

Consent Fees
Ajah Axis: Payment of sum of N1,000,000.00 per annum / site.
Ikorodu Axis: Payment of sum of N750,000.00 per annum / site.
Badagry / Epe Axis: Payment of sum of N500,000.00 per annum / site.

Dredging Operation Terms and Conditions.
1. Each dredge machine must be at a minimum of 500 metres to 1,000 metres away from each other.
2. The permissible distance of dredge machine to the shoreline must be at a minimum distance of 1,000 metres.
3. A single dredge machine will only be allowed to one stockpiling site.
4. The Chinese dredge machine shall comprise of one mother dredge machine, three (3) transporters, and one booster pump device.
5. No dredge machine will be allowed to dredge at the shoreline.
6. Each stockpile site should be at a minimum of 50 metres and 15 metres setback for lagoon and creeks respectively before the bound-wall.
7. Each stockpile site should be about 1,000 metres away from each other.
8. Penalty shall be imposed on dredging company for non-renewal of permit as at when due.
9. Penalty shall be imposed on dredging company for non-compliance with dredging regulations.
10. Permit granted to a particular company in a specified location is non-transferable to another location or to any other individual. Also, the approved site must not exceed the delineated (sic) prescribed by the perimeter survey submitted.
11. Penalty shall be imposed on dredging company for non-compliance with the HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) standards.
12. Penalty shall be imposed on dredging company that does not maintain the access road to its stockpiling site.
13. Penalty shall be imposed on dredging company for non-installation of water / sedimentation box at an appropriate position for control of turbidity during dredging operation.
14. Penalty shall be imposed on dredging company for improper channeling of waste water drainage back into the water body.
15. Operational fee must be paid before collection of permit.
16. No issuance of temporary permit for dredging operations.
17. No reclamation project should commence until all requisite documentations are observed and approval granted.
18. No dredging activities will be allowed within the Ado Road (Ajah) vicinity henceforth.
19. Penalty shall be imposed on dredging company for default in haulage fee remittance as at when due.
20. All proponents must be aware that issuance of permit by the Lagos State government ensures concurrent approval from NIWA for all applications.
21. Penalty shall be imposed on dredging company that sells wet dredged sand to trucks.
22. Dredging company should make it mandatory for trucks to adequately cover the sand before transported out of the site.
23. E.I.A and Bathymetric / Sand Search Reports are vital pre-requisites for dredging permits.
24. Dredging company must establish and sustain good corporate social responsibilities in addition to other mutual agreements with host communities so as to engender peace and development.
25. Dredging operations must not obstruct navigational activities along the waterways and the dredging pipes should be properly marked out for other waterway users.
26. All dredging sites must commence sales of dredged sand at 6:00 a.m.
27. Sand winning shall not exceed the quantity approved and any excesses dredged shall be paid for.


Venue: Beverly Hills Hotel, Port Harcourt.
River State.

Date: October 14-16, 2015.

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How will the Dredging Industry fare during the Economic Downturn?

The dominant trend in today’s world is the global economic challenges of tumbling crude oil prices. For mono-crop economies such as Nigeria, the prescription seems to be unanimous that agriculture and the solid mineral sector offer the best promises for diversification. However, how will the dredging industry fare under such uncertain scenarios?
There is no gainsaying the fact that some trends of economic growth and expansion arising from population explosion will continue to benefit states like Lagos and neighbouring Ogun state, because of the former’s status as a megacity and the biggest maritime gateway for Nigeria. The latter is a beneficiary of the spillover effect of the enlargement of the Lagos megalopolis. Read More...


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To be launched at the 9th Nigerian Dredging Summit and Exhibition, Port Harcourt, October 14th, 2015.

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