Nigerian Dredging Summit 2008

August 4-6, 2008.

Lagos Nigeria.

Details of Nigerian Dredging Summit 2008

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African Plants and Equipment Digest

June 08 Edition.

Plants and Equipment Maintenance in Nigeria.

.... A special focus on the activities of Plantgeria Company Ltd and TethysPlantgeria Ltd.

Plantgeria Company Nigeria Limited and its sister company, Tethys Plantgeria Ltd are leaders in the maintenance and repairs of equipment and tools used in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria today. They were founded by the same proprietors with an eye on serving the marine and oil and gas sectors. Plantgeria came into being in 1981, based in Port Harcourt, Rivers State with a major specialty... More..

Security Watch:
Trained dogs finding place in the oil industry...

Working dogs have found a place in many places around the world, their sensitive noses used for everything from tracking people to sniffing out explosives. Trained detector dogs are also being seen more frequently in the oil industry today, and could prove to be an effective way to track down leaks in pipelines.

Most pipeline leak detection uses electronic methods, either from inside the pipe or externally. Dogs can cover a large amount of space in a short amount of time and pinpoint leaks quickly, according to one trainer with years of experience working with trained dogs. More...


  2nd Quarter 2008  


Equipment Rental:

The Wa y Forward

A new thrust of the government since the heydays of the second coming of Olusegun Obasanjo as civilian president seems to be the farming out of public sector jobs to small and medium scale enterprises. In no other sector is this trend more noticeable than in the construction and building industries. During the long days of military rule, these works were executed mainly by big construction companies, and many of them by expatriate companies. Today, under the steady gaze of democracy and with a heavy conscience towards society due to unemployment, all is being done to save jobs for citizens. In fact, the policy of Nigerian Content, which now commands quite some mention among the ruling class inheres from this awakening.

Therefore, from Lagos to Calabar to Sokoto, primary and secondary school building, repairs of major roads and construction of new ones, dredging of waterways and even stockpiling of sand for new roads, all kinds of projects are nowadays being given as contracts by state and local governments to local startup firms engaged in the construction and building industries. But many of these upstarts have no equipment of their own. They have to rent them and even the stock on offer is nothing to write home about since they are well-worn. As a result, the finished jobs end up being executed as if with vengeance: quality is nearer to zero. But who is asking questions? The contractors are, in many cases, ruling party men or have connection with such personalities; so they do get away with much short shrift.

Our concern is that the system can do better if equipment leasing and rental services are enhanced. A lesson can be drawn from one Caterpillar stand at the just concluded Conexpo in Las Vegas where a huge advert was made about available rental services of brand new equipment to contractors in the United States. This is a far cry from the situation in Nigeria where the rental companies are so very few, and hardly make available new equipment. It’s encouraging that some of the big names in the global plant and equipment industry have presence in Nigeria and could liaise with banks to facilitate the growth and performance of reputable small and medium size construction and building firms. The banks since the 2005 consolidation have been reputed to be awash with liquidity and are looking for investment portfolios. This is a viable industry and rental services shouldn’t be a hard nut to crack since all actors and factors are on ground, as they say.

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