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Nigerian Dredging Summit 2008

August 4-6, 2008.

Lagos Nigeria.

Watch this site for details of this year's edition of the Summit which will hold at same venue as last year's.

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Mission Statement:

“To report the industry of dredging, petroleum and transportation, especially as an interwoven system, and to generate and sustain therefrom discussion and opinion leadership amongst its diverse actors, operators, local and overseas readers, so as to advance the industry locally with a cross-flow of ideas as a part of the global human commercial endeavour and for the better supply of services from these sectors to the Nigerian population.”

The DDH organisation believes in the proactive packaging of information about Nigerian dredging and the allied oil and gas, building and construction industries. Therefore we organise seminars, workshops and similar events that provide comers with a rich grasp of the opportunities that abound in the Nigerian industry. In summary, we aim to supplement the intellectual content of dredging industry in this part of the world and to flood it with ideas on development, equipment, tools and methods.

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1st Quarter 2008

African Plants and Equipment Digest

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The Lagos Dredging Problem:
What is Over dredging?

It is no longer news that the government of Lagos State is out to settle accounts with many dredge operators in the state perceived to be doing things contrary to the right-hand side of the law. Since late November 2007, many dredging and sand stockpile sites have been stopped from operation...more

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Nigerian Dredging Summit 07

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