Dredging Skills Courses 2008

Slated for Port Harcourt, River State
October 15-18 2008

* Dredge Owners' / Dredge Operators Refresher Course (Oct. 15th)

* Dredge Masters' / Dredge Engineers' / MEAs' Refresher Course (Oct. 18th)

* Dredge Deckhands' 2-day Basic Orientation / Refresher Course.(Oct. 16th-17th)

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In the News:

The High Cost of Security in the Niger Delta :

Dredging and civil construction companies in the Niger Delta are always bemoaning their peculiar costs of operation. DDH conducted a random sampling of views on the issue and it was discovered that the cost of such operation in River and Bayelsa states exceed those of other Niger delta areas, even though cost of operation in all the Niger Delta states exceed those of all other parts of the nation. The major cause of this was found to be the spate of militancy in these communities.. More...

NIWA/ LASG Power Tussle: NIWA stops approved dredging, as LASG revokes Aja-Badoreh Road right of occupancy...

The Lagos State Government has issued a proclamation by public notice revoking all parcels of land along Aja-Badoreh Road in Etiosa Local Government Area of Lagos State with effect from November 2008. In a newspaper public notice published in the Guardian of November 17, 2008, the State Government said the order came into effect within seven days of the published notice. It was signed by the state Governor, Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN). The notice said the revocation was being made in the “overriding public interest” to facilitate the dualisation of the Aja-Badoreh road. More :

Rapid Development of Niger Delta: Is Dredger scarcity looming...as NDDC, State Governments award huge construction contracts?

The Niger Delta Development Commission as at mid-September rolled out a deluge of 47 separate dredging and related projects scattered all over the nine states under its purview. They were worth at least N45 billion according to reliable sources familiar with the development. DDH investigations revelaed that major road contracts involving bridges were included in this flurry of activities. One of the roads was said to be 70 kilometres long, with about 7 bridges.. More...

EIA, NIWA demands cloud new Eko Atlantic City dredging project.

The Lagos State government’s development of a brand new city off Victoria Island is proceeding with some controversy. Eko Atlantic City, which is to be entirely reclaimed out of the waters of the Bar Beach on the Atlantic coastline, is being hailed by state government officials and its promoters, South Energyx Nigeria Ltd ( a South African firm), as unique. The city’s development comes at a price tag of $3 billion and to be fully built within 5-7 years, according to government officials. While the state government officials boast about the development of a brand new city, bigger than Victoria Island and boasting the kinds of amenities now adorning similar Middle East artificial cities, environmentalists say that the state government is dodging demands to present the environmental impact assessment of the project for public scrutiny. More...

Lekki Deep Sea Port to open 2010

The first phase of a deep sea port aside from the Onne Federal Ocean Terminal Port Harcourt will open its doors for commercial activities in 2010 in Lagos according to its project director, Mr. Peter Banham. It is now under construction and located at Ikote Village, Ibeju Lekki area, along the Atlantic Coast, 60km east of Lagos and would gulp $6 billion upon completion. According to Mr Banham, the port would operate as a hub port, involved mainly in containers, general cargoes and grains operations and the transshipment of goods throughout the West African sub region. More...

Picture Highlights of the PH Dredging and Mining Technical Workshop 2008.


New Vogue in Lagos Sand Haulage:


The shift in the dredging sites at the Lekki peninsula in Lagos has introduced a new dispensation in the regime of haulage trucks that haul sand from stockpile site to construction sites all over the city. Now very big trucks that can haul 50 tons or 70 tons or more at a go is the vogue, as sand dealers maximize fuel and manpower costs. The Lekki-Epe expressway which is the principal highway for these large movements now sees hundreds of these trucks with very fast speeds scores of runs on a daily basis. More...


Nigerian Oil and Gas Mining Report

Yar’Adua Creates Niger Delta Ministry

While creating a new Ministry of the Niger Delta, President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua has approved the rationalisation and restructuring of the other federal ministries, bringing the total number to 28. The ministries will be manned by 42 ministers whose appointment is to conform with the basic principle of federal character. The move is said to be part of efforts to fast-track and effectively coordinate the implementation of the Seven-Point Agenda of the government. Under the new arrangement, a Ministry of Niger Delta has been created to lead and coordinate environmental and youth empowerment policy initiatives as well as reinforce the Administration’s commitment to the overall development of the region. More...


International Dredging Briefs…

Dredger capsizes at Sierra Rutile Mine - two missing

Titanium Resources Group (TRG) Ltd has confirmed that two persons were reported missing following an accident which occurred on the afternoon of Friday 25th July 2008 at the company's Sierra Rutile mine in the southwest of Sierra Leone near the Imperri Hills, some 30km from the Atlantic Ocean, on low lying coastal plains about 135km southeast of the capital Freetown.....

Ellicott expands new factory, launches super-dragon and nets $25m orders

Ellicott Dredges of Baltimore has announced huge progress in its group business in a mid-year press release made available to DDH. According to this release, the company opened an expansion to its new factory in Wisconsin which doubled its size to 85,000 ft. More....

Nigerian Dredging & Inter-Modal Transport Digest.

FG Reduces Tariffs, Bans Importation Of Used Cars, Textiles.

Nigeria’s Federal Government has begun a new regime of customs and excise tariffs which reduced the duties paid on primary raw materials from 10 per cent to 5 per cent. It also prohibited the importation of used motor vehicles above 10 years. Buses and trucks, no matter their age, are however, excluded from the prohibition list. Under the new regime of tariffs, prohibitions include the importation of textile fabrics and articles thereof, including Hollandais, English Wax, Ankara, Lace fabrics, wedding gowns and ceremonial apparels, second hand clothes, rugs and carpets, as well as recharge cards ...More...





4th Quarter 2008




Niger Delta: When The Dust Begins To Clear

The white man who came to tap oil in 1958 seems to have run his course in the Niger Delta. It’s 2008 and the world has changed. Both in the larger Nigeria, the Niger Delta and in most other parts of the globe, wherever feelings of being repressed abound, self determinism is increasingly finding its voice.

In the Niger Delta, 50 years of crude oil production has worsted the reputation of the oil majors who gained mining and prospecting licenses from poorly informed civilian regimes and bungling military juntas. Since the turn of the new millennium, all manners of skirmishes now greet the presence and operations of these oil majors and their cronies, minions and hangers-on. Now the communities are on the ascendancy with diverse methodologies but all aimed at the singular goal of appropriating more of the petrodollar. More...

Other Articles & Interviews

Environmental Quality Monitoring

Environment: "How many choppers has DPR got?" - Chief Ogunsiji.

Dredging the Niger Delta: Interview of Ben Efekarurhobo

Role of Surveying in the Dredging Industry

G.B Liman: Of Myth, Reality and Resource Control

Dredging Law: A judgment on the ownership of a sand dredging site by the Court of Appeal.


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