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Even the sheer magnitude of swampy places to be developed in the Niger Delta and southern Nigeria is a single most potent factor for the increase of dredging activities in Nigeria today. Added to the fact that Nigerian commerce and external trade command over 70% of West African maritime trade, with its requirement for ever-deepened ports and inland waterways, then the imperatives for expanded dredging activities become all the more compelling.

The foregoing demands that the intellectuality of the dredging sub-sector in Nigeria be increased tremendously. And this shall be the consuming passion of Dredge, Drill and Haul (DDH), a new magazine founded on the bedrock of many solid years of maritime publishing. The brains behind DDH are veteran Nigerian maritime journalists and writers whose undying interests to continually establish mass media channels have seen works of television, print and internet platforms come to fruition. So that DDH is in line to become widely useful to readers who cherish sublime presentations, and timely ones with economic newsworthiness; especially if they can carry the stamp of art in the process. For our slant of newsworthiness, we know that knowledge is power and sometimes the difference between success and failure of an enterprise may inhere from possession of the right information at the right time.

DDH shall present topical issues in dredging, oil and gas and intermodal transport, especially where these interweave in completing the production chain. In this maiden edition, we feature top-notch interviews on the business interests and philosophy of Ellicott Dredges in Nigeria and the engineering knack used by Julius Berger Nigeria Plc to build the first ever concrete floating mega filling station. Some current national issues in focus are the award of the contract for the dredging of river Niger and the progress of NPA’s tryst with forming a dredging joint venture for the Bonny River. That is on the side of hard news analysis. On the other side of the cerebral spectrum, we present the first view of the question: “Is the dredger a ship? What maritime laws affect its use in your country?” You will also find some other handy gist of the local and global industry in this maiden edition. Welcome to our excursion!

This dredging seminar and dredge equipment exhibition is in furtherance of helping the fledgling find tools for the trade. know more about the programme. Special accommodation arrangements are now available for attendees from far places.
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4th Quarter 2006



4th Quarter 2006 Edition


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