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In the News:

A Visit to Warri:
The home of indigenous dredger builder, Jeph Kebbi International.

Ordinarily, Warri used to be a hotbed of skirmishes and inter-ethnic strife between the Itsekiri and their neighbours, the Urhobos. This was mainly during the 1990s. A visit to Warri in 2008 shows many four-lane expressways where narrow 2-lane roads dominated in the past. Delta state ranks about second as the highest revenue-receiving state in the Niger Delta. River state usually maintains the lead. For Warri, although the former administration of James Ibori has been charged to court. More...

Behold Nigerian-built Dredgers...

Jeph Kebbi International is located off the major expressway leading to the Warri seaport, on a sprawling yard filled with all manner of engines, metals, machines, machine parts and various accessories for marine crafts and dry plants...The only shiny things in this yard are the latest range of Toyota cars belonging to Jeph and his top officers.... We have captured our interview and interactions with the various staff of Jeph Kebbi International, including their sly guard dog, in pictures… a kind of travelogue! The interview was mainly with Jeph Okoro himself who took DDH around the facility for the duration of our tour. No need to be scared of engineering and technical jargons, only few were used. ...Excerpts:

New Rules for Dredging in Lagos:
You may now dredge at Ajah...But!

Interested companies which want to operate sand dredging businesses in the Aja-Badoreh areas of Lekki peninsula may do so if they can put in place a dump barge for the transportation of the materials to their customers and pay N1m per annum in fees to the Lagos State Government. The Lagos State government clarified this situation . More...

On-going scarcity of sand: the truck drivers' nightmare.
Truck drivers in Lagos have expressed great worry over the current scarcity of sand in the state.
“The situation is now affecting us negatively”, they said. Speaking to DDH at the Berger Palaver Yard junction in July, Mr. Okon, a truck driver, said that the scarcity has made him lose some contracts he got, due to his inability to deliver as at when due. More...

Chief Shahimi Jamal:

"The major jobs are ending with briefcase contractors"
Chief Jamal Shahimi is a Port Harcourt-based dredging and marine contractor, the managing director and CEO of M.F.W Dredging and Marine Nigeria Ltd. The son of immigrant Lebanese grandparents who arrived Nigeria in the early 1900s, Chief Shahimi has cut his teeth in the ever-busy oilfield environment of the Niger Delta, especially in Port Harcourt and surrounding cities where he deals in sand and engages in dredging for shoreline protection and canalization. Chief Shahimi is now advocating a serious cleaning up of the Nigerian dredging sub-sector so that all sectors of the economy including banks, government and the general society can repose more confidence in dredging operators. More...

Highlights of the 2nd Nigerian Dreddging Summit 2008

The three day Nigerian dredging summit which held at Protea Hotel between August 4 th-6 th brought together many local contractors with foreign dredger manufacturing and equipment companies. The showing of the Lagos State Government which came with four delegates raised the level of debate on current burning issues, including dredging at Ajah in the Lekki peninsula. Financial institutions were not left behind as they made a heavier presence this year than last year. More...

Nigerian Oil and Gas Mining Report

Nigeria's oil reserves to dry up in 43 years - Agip Boss.

Nigeria’s oil reserves have only 43 more years to last according to the General Manager, Nigerian Agip Oil Exploration, Mr. Richard Ogunde. He said this during a lecture at the Tai Solarin University of Education, Ijagun, Ijebu Ode, according to reports by the News Agency of Nigeria.

Quoting from the latest World Oil data, Ogunde said Nigeria’s reserve remained 36.2 billion barrels.

He said in the lecture, titled “Petroleum Exploration, The Economy and Science Education,” that Nigeria had a yearly oil production capacity of 2.3bn barrels and advised government to start looking for other oil reserves. More...


International Dredging Briefs…

Dredger capsizes at Sierra Rutile Mine - two missing

Titanium Resources Group (TRG) Ltd has confirmed that two persons were reported missing following an accident which occurred on the afternoon of Friday 25th July 2008 at the company's Sierra Rutile mine in the southwest of Sierra Leone near the Imperri Hills, some 30km from the Atlantic Ocean, on low lying coastal plains about 135km southeast of the capital Freetown.....

Ellicott expands new factory, launches super-dragon and nets $25m orders

Ellicott Dredges of Baltimore has announced huge progress in its group business in a mid-year press release made available to DDH. According to this release, the company opened an expansion to its new factory in Wisconsin which doubled its size to 85,000 ft. More....

Nigerian Dredging & Inter-Modal Transport Digest.

Third Mainland Bridge partially shut....
Beginning August 2009, the Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos will be partially shut to traffic to enable repair work proceed on failed sections of the 18-year-old bridge. The Federal Ministry of Transportation which tried to shut the bridge earlier by mid July failed following a complaint by the Lagos State government that adequate diversionary routes had not been made beforehand ...More...





3rd Quarter 2008

  African Plants and Equipment Digest

Dredging Skills Courses 2008

Slated for Port Harcourt, River State
October 15-18 2008

* Dredge Owners' / Dredge Operators Refresher Course (Oct. 15th)

* Dredge Masters' / Dredge Engineers' / MEAs' Refresher Course (Oct. 18th)

* Dredge Deckhands' 2-day Basic Orientation / Refresher Course.(Oct. 16th-17th)

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Informing the Nigerian
Dredging sub-sector

The Nigerian dredging industry is coming of age and this showed clearly during the recently concluded 2 nd Nigerian Dredging Summit 2008 held at Protea Hotel from August 4-6. The thirst for knowledge is coming to the fore and many investors and sundry businessmen who would want to venture into dredging do not just jump in anyhow anymore. More...

Other Articles & Interviews

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