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The US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) in association with the Western Dredging Association is organizing three to four special sessions more
"How Imaging Can Improve Surveying
Workflow” by Leica Geosystems
35th International Seminar on Dredging and Reclamation held in Singapore...More.



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National Content Law: Nigeria to set up pipe Mill in 2012.
Nigeria plans to set up a 250,000-tonnes per annum longitudinal submerged arc welded pipe mill in Nigeria by 2012. This is in line with Nigeria’s Oil and Gas Industry Content Development Act 2010 which is being implemented by a special agency called the Nigerian Content Development Monitoring Board (NCDMB). Read More.



River Niger Dredging - Problems at Jamata Bridge.

Jamata Bridge is the dividing line between Lot 3 and Lot 5 in the ongoing dredging of the River Niger. Lot 3 was awarded to Van Oord while Lot 5 was awarded to William Lloyds Technical Company.  While the consultants say that Lot 3 has been executed and is in finishing stages, Lot 5 has not been done and is now the subject of some controversy about quantities. To this end, there are problems starting from Jamata bridge....Read more



Comet Shipping Agencies Group bags ISO awards...

So, you find that the running cost of the trawlers is far more expensive than the income." - Musa Danjuma.

Chief (Barrister) Musa Danjuma, the executive chairman of the Nalcomet Group of companies needs little introduction in many sectors of the Nigerian economy....Rising from the ranks, he assumed headship of the expanding empire founded by his older brother, General T Y Danjuma. Read full interview.

Red Earth Mining in Lagos - Good business or a ticking environmental time bomb?

This sand is mined from deep in the forests of Ibeju Lekki where huge holes and gullies have been dug in the ground and all the greenery formerly found there have been uprooted and destroyed. Read more.

Lagos to become Africa's largest city - UN

In five years' time, Lagos, the commercial centre of Nigeria, is set to overtake the Egyptian capital, Cairo, as Africa's biggest city....Read more.


The dangers of indiscriminate red earth mining to the environment.

There is a history to this new line of sand supply business in Lagos state and it is recent, murky, hush-hush and covered in controversy and much underhand dealings between the operators and various officials of state at different levels of government. Read more...

Other Articles & Interviews

Capt Adeyemo on River Niger Dredging...NEW

Prof P.C. Nwilo on his assessment of NIWA during sabbatical ...NEW

Mr Nseyeng Ebong on his 8-year tenure as rector of Maritime Academy of Nigeria Oron...NEW

Chief Dumo Lulu Briggs as chairman of Maritime Academy of Nigeria Oron, his vision...NEW

Engr Muyiwa Omasebi: The face-off Between NIWA, MMSD and Lagos State Govt.

Otunba K Folarin: The Collapse of Nig. shipping lines.

P.L. Carrodano: How govt can revive Nig. shipping lines.

Sam Epia: The struggles of Nig shipping lines with cargo reservation scheme.

Jeff Gibb: Intricacies of the equipment market in Nigeria.

Environmental Quality Monitoring.

Environment: "How many choppers has DPR got?" - Chief Ogunsiji.

Dredging the Niger Delta: Interview of Ben Efekarurhobo

Role of Surveying in the Dredging Industry

G.B Liman: Of Myth, Reality and Resource Control

Dredging Law: A judgment on the ownership of a sand dredging site by the Court of Appeal.

Dredging Law:
a. Lagos State Attorney General Interpretes state law on sand dredging and stockpile.

b. NIWA public notice on Lagos State intervention in inland waterways regulation.

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Working With The General: How Pier Luigi Carrodano's Stint
At Nalcomet Group Paid Off - Part 1.

“Shipping is a business for gentlemen but sometimes you have to be a shark to survive” - Carrodano.

The full interview of Mr Carrodano as he looks at the intricacies of Nigerian shipping on the occasion of an award of ISO 9001 to six companies in the Comet Shipping Agencies Group of Companies. Read More.


Nigerian Maritime News Headlines... Read more

Maersk, 14 others seek $400 hike in Asia-US route...

Minister charge new CRFFN leadership to attract business...

Operations at APMT threatened over 3 grounded cranes...

Nigerian ports concession exercise a security risk NAGAFF...

Merchant Navy moves to sanitize personnel's activities...

Group petition Presidency over concession regulation function...

TICT acquires two new 500 ton cranes to boost operation...

FG charged to dredge Calabar port channel to improve shipping activities, employment....

We want to improve the nation's revenue from import/export duties ANLCA boss...

Duncan Maritime Drags NPA to court over illegal occupation.

Read More.

International Dredging Briefs...Read more

More Italdraghe dredgers in Africa....

Port of Baltimore celebrates Ellicott Dredges, White House Announces India dredge sale. ...

7th SedNet conference: Sediments and Biodiversity: bridging the gap between science and policy ....

Dredging companies not liable for Katrina damages...

IHC Merwede dredger is KNVTS 'Ship of the Year' 2010...

China Dredging Group Company merges with CAC....

Letter To The Editor:  Concerning Eko Atlantic City Project....

The future of dredging planned conference...

Dredging in Figures 2009 - a press release from IADC...

Maritime Holland Boat show.

Nigerian Oil and Gas Region Report.

Niger Delta: JTF won't be provoked to declare war on militants... Read more.




Dredges made in Nigeria

Judging from the look of things at one end of the Nigerian dredge supply market, some actors in the local industry feel that the time is about ripe for made-in-Nigeria dredgers to take over from wholly-imported ones.  So many factors account for this sea change. Here is a report of this and an interview of the latest dredge builder to be chronicled in our pages. Read more.



Boart Longyear's  New XRH Rotary Head series.

The Boart Longyear XRH series of rotary heads are designed for excellent performance in construction and geo-technical applications including jet grouting, reverse circulation....



Caterpillar Adds Power-Shift Option To 428E & 434E Mechanical Backhoe Loaders

.Caterpillar is providing increased customer choice and improved operator comfort, with the option of a power-shift transmission for its popular 428E and 434E mechanical backhoe loaders...



New Leica XPro 5.0 - Digital Surface Models (DSM) and stereo-viewable frame images from airborne line sensor imagery.

...In addition, users of Leica XPro V5.0 can now generate stereo-viewable frame images from line sensor data acquired with the Leica ADS Airborne Digital Sensor... .Read more.



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